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27 Feb 2013

Glenmorangie Ealanta

Posted by: Ruben Luyten In: Glenmorangie

Glenmorangie Ealanta was matured in heavily toasted new white oak casks made with trees from Missouri’s Ozark mountains. That’s a full maturation in virgin oak indeed – still quite uncommon as new oak may be overpowering after almost 20 years.

Ealanta is the latest release in the yearly Private Edition series (see Sonnalta PX, Finealta and Artein).


Glenmorangie EalantaGlenmorangie ‘Ealanta’ 19 yo 1993
(46%, OB 2013)

Nose: very enjoyable though a bit on the light side. A smooth fruit basket with plenty of oranges and mandarin (fresh, candied, zest). Vanilla ice cream. Tropical notes as well: apricot, coconut cream, papaya. There’s a hint of newly sawn oak and mint too. Mouth: creamy and fruity again. Slightly more sour and zesty citrus now rather than candy notes. Honey, vanilla and coconut again. Pineapple. Almond cream. Makes place for gentle spices (cinnamon. mint) and hints of pistachio ice cream. Finish: medium long, still high on vanilla with light pepper, ginger and a bit of dryness from the oak.

Quite an excellent Glenmorangie! Ealanta is creamy, fruity and very aromatic. There’s something unique to it, yet it doesn’t have an obvious virgin oak profile. Again a very succeeded designer whisky, I would even say it’s one of the best new oak releases I’ve tried. Around € 100.

Score: 90/100

Glenmorangie Ealanta 4 Ruben Luyten 2013-02-27
  • Norbert / The Maltbank Herald

    Totally agree with you Ruben . I tasted and compared with other Private Edition releases and Ealanta is my current favourite Glenmorangie . This is a confident , elegant ,well rounded , proud malt whisky .

  • gbdoc

    Wonderful, my current favorite Glenmorangie, too. Only disagreement with Ruben: “though a bit on the light side” sounds a bit critical, but for me, this is perhaps fundamental to this whisky’s charms. It’s “just right” light, allowing all those subtle flavors to come through, and not be overpowered. I’d give it a few more than Ruben’s 89 points.

  • Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

    tasted it not long ago. damn fine dram…



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