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20 Dec 2013

Talisker 27 years old 1985

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Talisker

We’re working our way up in the Diageo Special Releases. This year’s Talisker is a 27 years old 1985 vintage. It has been matured in refill American oak casks. I have to say the packaging, with its out-of-centre labels, looks lovely.


Talisker 27 Year Old 1985Talisker 27 yo 1985
(56,1%, OB 2013, 3.000 btl.)

Nose: really great, I love the mix of old books (waxed paper), dusty warehouses, orange peel and vanilla. Sea spray. Hints of wet cloths. Good to find some pastry notes as well as red apples and raspberry. Mango. Soft, sweet smoke in the background, with some ashy notes. Balanced and elegant yet powerful. Mouth: sweet and spicy, nicely building up strength. Starts on malty notes, apples and oranges. Soft tropical notes. Then quite some briny notes, liquorice and wood smoke. Ginger and cloves. Oily notes as well. Not much of the trademark pepper but punchy nonetheless. Some resinous notes, tar and dark chocolate. Finish: long, smoky, with some chocolate sweetness and tobacco. Mineral, grapefruity finale.

An excellent Talisker, one of the most powerful old expressions I can remember. Around € 600. This one seems to be still around in most shops, which is strange considering the quality.

Score: 92/100

Talisker 27 years old 1985 4.5 Ruben Luyten 2013-12-20
  • cavalier66

    Doesn’t seem so strange at that price though! And you gave it the same score as the 2009 30 year old, which is still available at under 300 Euros… (not to mention that the 35 year old from last year is also still available at just over 600 Euros or so).

  • WhiskyNotes

    Well yes, obviously it is (too) expensive, but what I meant is that everyone focuses on the PE and Brora without considering the rest.

  • oldmanofhuy

    Maybe they can’t even consider the rest because they’re all platzak after shelling out on PE and Brora, don’t you think?

  • cavalier66

    Fair enough – but the same happens every year! Personally I am stocking up on old 25 yo and 30 yo Taliskers (although not this one) as I find them excellent and still fairly priced in many places. The time to buy Brora and PE has passed (and I am just glad I managed to get a few bottles when they were still affordable).

  • Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

    600 EUR? damn. no wonder people are not buying



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