Auchentoshan 1994 (Whisky Agency)

It seems the latest batch of Whisky Agency releases passed by with a little less fuss than we’ve come to expect. They’ve been on the market for a while, but I’ve only been able to try two or three. Here’s the Auchentoshan 1994 from the Circus series.



Auchentoshan 1994 - The Whisky Agency 'Circus'Auchentoshan 21 yo 1994 (54,8%, The Whisky Agency 2015, refill hogshead, 216 btl.)

Nose: rather naked, with some nice fruity notes (unripe pineapple, green banana, greengages) and light grassy notes. Slightly less common notes of menthol. Some flinty hints, as well as some waxy lipstick notes. Nice and simple. After some time I get some candy necklaces – do you remember these?

Mouth: green and grassy at first, before moving to garden fruits (nectarine, apple) and light citrus (mainly grapefruit). The mentholated side became really big now and is amplified by some eucalyptus and herbal notes. A bit funny, but quite nice. Hints of bittersweet oak too.

Finish: medium long, zesty, herbal and grassy.

This is dram that goes into the “interesting” category for me, more than in the “enjoyable” category. By no means a bad dram though. Around € 135 – still available in many places.

Score: 86/100