Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold

Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold takes over the idea of The Snow Grouse: it’s a malt whisky designed to be drunk ice cold, straight from the freezer. Dalwhinnie usually stays below the radar and doesn’t seem to be as marketing-driven as some others, but the story-driven NAS hype affects all distilleries eventually.

I’ll review the whisky neat though, as I don’t think chilling whiskies makes much sense. It takes away most of the delicate flavours. Although I have to admit it also takes away the impression of sweetness, which in this case could be welcome.



Dalwhinnie Winter's GoldDalwhinnie Winter’s Gold
(43%, OB 2015)

Nose: fresh and fruity, sweet, entirely on peaches, honey and oranges. Hints of vanilla (newish American oak) and mint. Bright malty notes. Soft gingery notes. Most pleasant, actually quite… summery. Summer’s Gold?

Mouth: starts fruity again, with a fairly young profile of malt and oranges, and a honeyed sweetness. Quickly followed by oak spices (pepper and ginger). Some pencil shavings. Cinnamon. Fades on hints of Poire Williams or peach schnapps.

Finish: medium long, but rather rough, bittersweet, with slightly synthetic hints of oranges.

Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold seems to hold the middle between proper malt whisky and some kind of fruit-flavoured alcopop. Which may well be exactly what they were aiming for? Mind you, this could work as a first step into the world of single malts. Around € 40.

Score: 74/100