Dos Maderas 5+3 (Williams & Humbert)

It has been a while since we’ve reviewed a rum, but I stumbled upon this interesting one through my sherry exploration.

Dos Maderas (which means Two Woods) is a molasses rum produced by the sherry bodegas Williams & Humbert. They start from Caribbean rums, matured for 5 years in Barbados and Guyana. These are shipped to Jerez de la Frontera, where they are blended and finished for three years in Palo Cortado casks (used in the solera of the very good 20 year-old Dos Cortados VOS sherry).

They also have a 5+5 version (which is the 5+3 with an extra 2 years in Don Guido Pedro Ximénez casks) and a Luxus version of 10+10 years old (only PX).



Dos Maderas 5+3 rumDos Maderas 5+3
(37,5%, Williams & Humbert 2014)

Nose: vanilla and brown sugar up front, with a bit of toasted oak. Clearly influenced by American oak. The fruitiness of a classic Caribbean rum (banana, orange) is present, but there’s also a drier side to it, a more sherried side if you like. Some leathery notes, nougat, golden raisins and nuts (pecan). It also shows a hint of sherry brandy.

Mouth: smooth, with similar notes of Demerara sugar, papaya and butterscotch. Spices grow stronger, alongside some toasted oak. Vanilla. Mild liquorice. Overall it may be a bit soft for some.

Finish: medium long, with spicy, nutty oak and a hint of Turkish coffee.

This is quite a unique rum, because of the added hints of sherry (and sherry brandy) on top of its Caribbean base. Interesting and pleasantly falling between different stools. Around € 35.