Brora 37 years old (2015)

Brora 37 Year Old (1977-2015)

Brora whisky

Okay so I finally caved in to some of Diageo’s Special Releases 2015.

In most places you will find this Brora 37 Year Old is a 1977 vintage, but then other sources claim it’s a multi-vintage, with the youngest component being 37 years old. The bottle itself doesn’t mention a vintage, so I contacted Dr. Nick Morgan and he kindly confirmed that it does contain other vintages than 1977.



Brora 37 Year Old - 14th release (2015)Brora 37 Year Old (50,4%, OB 2015, 14th Annual release, refill American oak, 2976 btl.)

Nose: a classic Brora nose. You get the wax candles, the herbal notes, resin and hay. A lot of warm, polished leather. There’s also a hint of musty churches, distant peat embers and a delicate jammy, fruity note underneath. Candied ginger, a hint of lemongrass. Wormwood. Maritime notes. None of the early 70s farminess, but very complex and hugely elegant.

Mouth: peatier but also sweeter than expected. Ashes and tar, some kippers with lots of oily and mineral notes. Builds up on pepper, ginger and a little clove before it gets warmer and shows cocoa and berries. Cardamom. Lemon peel. Liquorice. Big waxy notes and a slightly bitter herbal side towards the end.

Finish: fairly long, earthy and smoky, with lots of herbs and a bit of dry oak.

Excellent Brora again, a little on the sharper mineral side, typical for the late 1970s and typical for the 30+ releases. On par with the 2014 and 2013 releases, but if I were to buy one, I’d probably look for earlier versions which are still available at a lower price. Around € 1750.

Score: 93/100