Blairfindy 35 Years (Blackadder 2004/203)

It should be obvious that Blairfindy is synonymous for Glenfarclas. This 1968 cask was bottled by Blackadder in 2004 in the Raw Cask series.



Blairfindy - Glenfarclas 35 Years - BlackadderGlenfarclas ‘Blairfindy’ 35 yo 1968
(53,7%, Blackadder 2004, cask #4161, ref #BA 2004/203, 406 btl.)

Nose: nice old-style sherry, quite dry. Lots of chocolate notes but also smoke, bread crust and praline. Some raisins but without the sweetness, if that makes sense. Roasted almonds. Herbal notes, giving way to musty cellars and old books.

Mouth: more sweetness and more fruity notes, some jammy hints and fruit eau-de-vie. Again some chocolate and rum & raisins. Fruit tea, then some black tea and herbal notes. A little cough syrup too.

Finish: long, with a slight hint of rubber, liquorice, fruit tea and salt.

Very good Glenfarclas, especially on the nose. Old-style in the sense that it’s close to actual dry Oloroso and less to a kind of raisin-vanilla syrup that is popular today. Drops a few points towards the end. Rarely seen in auctions.

Score: 89/100