Lagavulin 2000/2016 Distillers Edition

This is the latest 2016 edition of the Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition, the Pedro Ximénez finished version of the Lagavulin 16, if you like. It seems to be arriving in most stores, although some will try to wait until their stocks of the 2015 edition are gone of course.

Like the other releases from Lagavulin this year, it carries the 200th Anniversary seal on the box.



Lagavulin Distiller's Edition 2016Lagavulin 2000 ‘Distiller’s Edition’
(43%, OB 2016, PX finish, lgv. 4/505)

Nose: the downward sweetness trend of the past few years is still going – very good. More menthol and eucalyptus oil, very light medicinal touches. Cigar boxes, warm ashes and traces of oranges. Nice profile.

Mouth: starts on spices and molasses, before it gets darker and sootier, with dark chocolate. I’m not getting the sherry as such, it seems a little washed out and just vaguely caramelly. Then back to mint and sweet coffee, with obvious notes of fresh, peppery oak.

Finish: long, with ashes, a hint of Kahlua and sweet liquorice.

On the one hand: good whisky, especially on the nose. On the other hand: in my book it’s loosing points almost every year, on the palate. Some of the more unique notes are disappearing and it’s more towards toffee and chocolate. Around € 85.

Score: 86/100