New: Octomore OBA // Method and Madness // Maltbarn whisky

Method and Madness - Midleton whiskey

Midleton – Method and Madness

Method and Madness is a new range of experimental Irish whiskeys that originated at the Midleton distillery as an interaction between the distillery masters and some of their young apprentices. The range launches with four expressions, each with its own twist:

  • a Single Grain Irish Whiskey from ex-bourbon barrels and finished in Virgin Spanish Oak (€ 49)
  • a Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey from Oloroso sherry and bourbon barrels, finished in French Chestnut (€ 69)
  • a Single Malt Irish Whiskey from bourbon barrels, enhanced with French Limousin Oak (€ 79)
  • a 31 Year Old Single Cask Single Grain Limited Edition bottled from a bourbon cask at cask strength (€ 1500)


Bruichladdich Octomore OBA Concept

Octomore OBA concept

Octomore OBA concept OBA/C_0.1 is a limited distillery release of only 3000 small-sized bottles (50 cl). Bruichladdich’s head distiller Adam Hannett presented it during Feis Ile 2016, but with no further details. No clues, no workings out – the drinker will be the judge. Sounds a bit like something from Glenlivet. Sold out already, if I’m not mistaken.



Maltbarn whisky bottlings

Four new Maltbarn releases

German bottler Maltbarn reaches a total of 70 releases with these four new bottlings:

  • Irish Single Malt 1989, Bourbon, 211 bottles, 45,5% – € 280
  • Craigellachie 2007, Sherry, 123 bottles, 48,6% – € 70
  • Ben Nevis 1997, Bourbon, 132 bottles, 48,6% – € 130
  • Blair Athol 1988, Bourbon, 111 bottles, 49,6% – € 220