Mackmyra 10 Year Old

A milestone release for this Swedish distillery: Mackmyra 10 Year Old. Not the oldest release ever but the first time they seem to have enough stock for a large-scale Ten. Launched a couple of days ago, I hear 60% of the total production will be sold in Sweden, the rest is going to foreign markets.

For the Mackmyra Ten years, whisky maker Angela D’Orazio used spirit of up to 13 years old, matured in four different types of casks: virgin oak barrels, Oloroso-seasoned Swedish oak barrels and first-fill + refill ex-bourbon casks. As you know, Mackmyra matures its whisky 50 meters under the ground in the Bodås Mine.



Mackmyra Ten 10 yoMackmyra 10 yo
(46,1%, OB 2017, 20.000 btl.)

Nose: quite clean and slightly porridgy. Salted butter and vanilla pastry. Sweet spices. Sour berries, light citrus and apple. Hints of almonds and a subtle floral edge.

Mouth: still clean and fairly neutral, with vague fruity notes (citrus), golden raisins and vanilla. More spices from the wood now (pepper, aniseed) as well as a slightly angular, spirity note. Rather tart and spicy.

Finish: medium long, drier, slightly grassy, with more wood spices like cloves.

A clean and perhaps slightly too neutral whisky. I’m still bothered by a few rough edges as well. That said, a clear step up from early releases and the best I could try so far from Mackmyra. Around € 75 in Sweden – around € 60 in the rest of Europe.

Score: 83/100