Alt-A-Bhainne 1980 (Cadenhead)

Another one from Cadenhead’s Cask Strength series (white label). A very rare Allt-A-Bhainne 1980 (pronounced olt-er-vaine). Remember this is only around 12 years of age.



Alt-A-Bhainne 1980 - Cadenhead's Cask StrengthAlt-A-Bhainne (60.5%, Cadenhead’s Cask Strength 1992, white label, cask #100027)

Nose: chocolate coated candied orange, but also sour cherries, raspberry jam and hints of moist wood. Leafy notes, subtle tobacco. Some raisins underneath. A very light meaty character. There’s a chalky note but other than that, fairly classic. I’m not getting the funky farmy notes that Serge got.

Mouth: powerful and rather oak influenced. Peppery heat, grasses, but there are flashes of jammy red fruits, oranges and orange peel, even pink grapefruits. Back to liquorice and light toffee. Hints of coffee as well.

Finish: long, oaky and spicy, with traces of chocolate.

Surprisingly good, not a dirty sherry cask, perhaps it all comes down to bottle variation. Intense, with nice fruity notes on the palate, but also a bit too much oak spices. Auction material.

Score: 88/100