Glen Mhor 1975 (Cadenhead)

Banff, Coleburn, Glen Mhor… are a set of distilleries that produced some very austere malts that are taking no prisoners. They are not always enjoyable but never boring either.

This Glen Mhor 1975 in Cadenhead’s Cask Strength series (white label) has a big reputation.



Glen Mhor 1975 - Cadenhead's Cask StrengthGlen Mhor 1975 (60,9%, Cadenhead’s Cask Strength 1992, white label, cask #931)

Nose: plenty of grasses, hay, dried flowers. Quite a dusty nose, very anti-modern, with a hint of soot as well. Chalked cellars and lamp oil. Faint hints of yellow apples and lemons in the background. Rather austere, as expected.

Mouth: same feeling. Very grassy, with peppery oak, lemons, green almonds. Sharp as a knife. Hints of bitter citrus peels, rosemary, chalk and waxy notes.

Finish: long, with minerals, spices and lemons.

You have to like an unsexy, ruthlessly uncompromising style to appreciate this Glen Mhor. Very good but also quite narrow (some will call it focused). Banff is probably still my number one in this style. Auction material, expect a high price due to its reputation.

Score: 90/100