Glen Albyn 10 Years (McPherson & Sons)

Glen Albyn distillery (together with Glen Mhor) was part of Mackinlays until 1972 when it was sold to DCL which closed it down in 1983 due to its low value as a blender’s whisky. A couple of official bottlings appeared in the 1970s.

Once a year or so a group of serious malt connoisseurs gets together in Limburg, trying all kinds of interesting (long gone) bottles from their own collections. It is a mind-blowing experience that I was lucky to attend once, and sometimes I also get a few outstanding leftover samples in the post. Many thanks, Carsten.



Glen Albyn 10 Years (John McPherson)Glen Albyn 10 yo (40%, John E. McPherson & Sons pre-1974, white label)

Nose: hints of metal polish and dusty books at first, OBE effect. Then a gentle old-school notes, with malty notes and a vague sweetness, but also nicer things like pineapples / papayas, waxy touches and fresh eucalyptus / grasses.

Mouth: sweet pineapples and green mango again, with hints of biscuit dough and aniseed. Light pepper and mint.Maybe lacking a bit of brightness here. Hints of cardboard (not necessarily a negative element in this case) and latte.

Finish: sweet and malty, not too long, with light spicy notes.

Quite a subtle style, although the creamy fruitiness makes it a nice dram. Very educational.

Score: 86/100