Glenrothes 2000 (cask #2364)

This Glenrothes 2000 single cask was released in the summer of 2017 as part of a trio of UK exclusives. There was a Glenrothes 2006 cask #5454, this one and an old Glenrothes 1976 cask #2667.



Glenrothes 2000 cask 2364 - UK exclusiveGlenrothes 2000 (58,7%, OB 2017, sherry butt #2364, UK exclusive Batch #1, 575 btl.)

Nose: butterscotch and oranges, with a spice mix but also sourish hints of raspberry and polished wood. Subtle caramelized nutty notes in the background. It’s fairly light and heady and seems a little condensed, struggling to open up.

Mouth: same style, now with nice jammy fruits at its core (forest fruits, redcurrant, raspberry). Some citrus as well – moves towards the thinner / sour side of the spectrum, the bulkier, buttery Glenrothes character of ten years ago is gone. Ends on roasted nuts and burnt sugar. Wood spices: candied ginger and pepper.

Finish: fairly long, drier, with ginger and a tannic edge.

Quite good, but with ups and downs. At times it feels a little engineered with some modern, active wood management involved, making it switch between thin and rich, and back. Around € 120 originally, sold out in most places unless you’re willing to pay a premium.

Score: 84/100