New: GlenDronach 15 Years // Tamdhu 12

GlenDronach 15 Years Revival (2018)

GlenDronach 15 Years ‘Revival’ (2018)

GlenDronach submitted the label for the new batch of their GlenDronach 15 Years Revival. As you know, the distillery was mothballed from 1996 until May 2002, which means they had to use much older casks to maintain the 15 Years and in 2015 had to stop bottling it entirely.

It will now come back, composed entirely around post-2002 casks filled by the new owners. We’re eager to see how it changed, as the new label mentions Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez casks instead of just Oloroso, and some technical parameters changed as well: no more direct coal firing of the stills for instance.



Tamdhu 12 Years

Tamdhu 12 Years

There was already a Tamdhu 12 Year Old limited edition bottled exclusively for Marks & Spencer in the UK, but it will now be part of the core range. It is now bottled at a slightly higher 43% and will be available for around € 50.



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