Irish Malt 1989 (Liquid Treasures)

Irish single malt, vintage 1989, rum barrel… distilled in the oldest distillery of the island according to the bottler. That’s right, Bushmills.

Basically we’re dealing with the same batches of whiskey that have been bottled by Teeling, e.g. the 1989 cask #16231 (distillery exclusive) and cask #16230 (for Celtic Whisky Shop) and by other independent bottlers (e.g. cask #16244 for Speciality Drinks).



Irish single malt 1989 - Liquid TreasuresIrish Single Malt 29 yo 1989 (56,5%, Liquid Treasures ‘10th Anniversary’ 2019,  rum barrel, 127 btl.)

Nose: vanilla and spicy oak up front, with big hints of varnish. Then some peaches, bananas and hints of pineapple and guava. Green tea and ginger, as well as some pine needles.

Mouth: punchy and spicy, with a big fruitiness or rather a rummy sweetness. All-flower honey, some mentholated notes (adding lots of freshness) and apple peelings. Green mango and bananas in the background, as well as some zesty grapefruit.

Finish: rather long, with a soft pepperiness, green tea and garden fruits.

Like most of these rum barrels, it is slightly less tropical and a bit more oaky. Very good though. Around € 375, a few bottles remaining at eSpirits.

Score: 90/100