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Inchmoan 2007 (cask #96 for TWE)

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As you know, Loch Lomond distillery produces 11 types of single malt whisky. Inchmoan is the heavily peated style made in its signature ‘straight-neck’ pot stills (which also produce Inchmurrin). It is less peaty than Croftengea and Inchfad though.

This Inchmoan 2007 single cask was bottled for the 20th anniversary of The Whisky Exchange.



Inchmoan 2007 #96 - The Whisky ExchangeInchmoan 12 yo 2007 (54,9%, OB for TWE 20th Anniversary 2019, refill bourbon hogshead #96, 289 btl.)

Nose: a very balanced, almost sensual style with silky peat, burning wood, touches of menthol and germolene. Toffee, golden apples and sablées bretons in the distance, as well as some coastal hints. Light paraffin. Beautiful, not unlike a much older Island whisky. Mouth: rounded start, growing stronger and more emphatically smoky over time. Lots of ashy notes with crushed black pepper, mixing with chocolate ganache, dark fruity notes and smoked almonds. Still a salty, coastal edge. Hints of aniseed and liquorice. Finish: long, with mint and milk chocolate.

I love this mix of peaty power and smooth elegance, which seems a lot more mature than the age suggest. Impressive, and accessibly priced as well. Only available from The Whisky Exchange.

Score: 90/100

Inchmoan 2007 (cask #96 for TWE) 4 Ruben Luyten 2019-09-10

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