Wolfburn Kylver Series #4

Wolfburn Kylver letters

Wolfburn’s Kylver Series is named after the Swedish Kylver stone which held the 24 characters of the runic alphabet, and each release has a different rune at the centre of its label.

This is the first (lightly) peated release in the series (hence the green / brown bottle). It was matured in a combination of first-fill bourbon barrels and second-fill quarter casks.



Wolfburn Kylver #4Wolfburn Kylver Series #4
(50%, OB 2018, 950 btl.)

Nose: starts quite fragrant, almost floral, mixing with chimney soot and hints of lanolin. Plenty of lemons and freshly cut apples, with a mentholated edge. Grassy notes and dextrose / cotton candy sweetness underneath.

Mouth: very sweet now, with a lot of green apples, grassy peat, cold ashes and white pepper. Oranges. Kippers and smoked tea. Just a hint of chocolate towards the end.

Finish: medium, more chocolate, smoke and dried herbs.

A very fine malt, especially since it’s only 4 years old. Younger notes nicely mixed with more mature elements. You’re paying a big premium for helping this young distillery move forward, but I must say it does show potential. Available from Master of Malt or TWE among others.

Score: 86/100