Glenburgie 1998 (Single Malts of Scotland)

Glenburgie 1998 (Single Malts of Scotland)

As you know Elixir Distillers released a series of Single Malts of Scotland bottlings exclusive to the US recently. One of them is a Glenburgie 1998, which we’ll put head-to-head with an younger version from 2017, in the same series.  


Glenburgie 21 yo 1998 (55,2%, Single Malts of Scotland 2019, hogshead #900896, 251 btl.)

Nose: very natural, with orchard fruits (peaches, quinces, apples) as well as some exotic touches (melons, bananas, pink grapefruit and maracuja). Vanilla biscuits, sweet floral notes and light hints of beeswax. Buttercups.

Mouth: a nice fruit salad. Apricots, mango, mirabelles and pink grapefruit, mixed with minty notes and passion fruit acidity. Always this waxy background as well. Hints of dough and vanilla, a pinch of white pepper. Some fizzy lemonade. Nice.

Finish: medium, with a bigger green / spicy side now, light oak and zesty citrus. 


Glenburgie 18 yo 1998 (59,8%, Single Malts of Scotland 2017, hogshead #751401, 166 btl.)

Nose: same rounded profile, but less exuberantly fruity and perhaps a little more indigenous with pears and apples. Almonds. Sunflower oil and hay. Some floral touches and mirabelles after a while. Not far away from the USA cask but a little more neutral, less sexy. Still very fresh and inviting though.

Mouth: slightly greener fruits again, say plums, apples and gooseberries. A bigger grassy side, as well as some bitter touches. Grapefruit and Seville orange. Hints of IPA. Definitely more oak too.

Finish: medium, on lemon curd with gentle wood.

Score: 86/100


The younger version is really nice but the 21 Year Old outclasses it with its luscious fruits. It’s similar to the excellent Black Friday 2019 deal, in case that rings a bell.

For the US bottling, check their distributor Impex Beverages. In the EU you can still buy the 18 year-old or even get a personalised 21 years old sister cask.