Girvan 2006 (Asta Morris)

Girvan 2006 (Asta Morris)

In the latest outturn from Asta Morris we find this single grain whisky. It is a Girvan 2006, matured in a standard ex-bourbon barrel but with a peculiar finish in a peated Ardmore cask (since 2018).  


Girvan 13 yo 2006 (58%, Asta Morris 2020, peated Ardmore finish, 126 btl.)

Nose: a fairly normal grain whisky so far. Sweet pears and other estery notes, with hints of bubblegum. Big vanilla custard and sweet corn. Something of pine cone smoke and mulched leafs, which blend in nicely without taking the upper hand. Not the most complex nose, but quite attractive with little or no sharp edges.

Mouth: more sweet corn, vanilla and more coconut now. Hints of popcorn and banana sweets. A few spicy notes like pepper and ginger, as well as a heathery note. The peatiness grows stronger towards the end, with some earthy, leafy touches and a light pungency.

Finish: good length, on shortbread, spice and a touch of varnish.

A slightly crazy idea perhaps but bottled at the right time, resulting in a nicely playful Girvan, certainly upgraded by the balanced peaty notes. This would work as a card player’s whisky, especially at less than € 60.