Irish Single Malt 1990 (Whisky Agency)

Irish Single Malt 1990 (Whisky Agency)

You know how much I like these undisclosed Irish Single Malt whiskeys. In the latest batch from The Whisky Agency we find this 1990 vintage.


Irish Single Malt 29 yo 1990 (48,5%, The Whisky Agency 2019, barrel, 182 btl.)

Nose: vanilla, nectarines and ripe pineapple. Quite some creamy notes (crème brûlée or panna cotta) and a hint of honey. Maybe not the most exhuberant release though, there’s still a malty core and a chalky note that seem to act as a brake on the tropical notes.

Mouth: similar thoughts. We start on gooseberries and greengages with grassy notes. A little white pepper. Kiwi. More pineapple after a while, but still no über-fruitiness. A few mineral touches again. Waxed papers. Rapeseed oil.

Finish: medium, with some fresh herbs, oily notes and a hint of grass.

We’ve been spoilt by all these Irish releases and this is not my favourite one. Still a joy to drink, no doubt, but we’re missing the fruits that are usually bursting out of the glass.