Jura 1991 (Whisky Sponge)

Jura 1991 (Whisky Sponge)

The latest release from WhiskySponge is a Jura 1991, part of a Patersponge Collection (the other one being a Dalmore from the same vintage). Both were selected from the Signatory Vintage stocks.

It was originally intended to receive an additional 10 cask finishes and wood treatments, but accidentally it was bottled in its natural form, from a lousy refill barrel. They even forgot to add the E150. So many mistakes, but hello, nice to meet you indeed.


Jura 29 yo 1991 (52%, WhiskySponge ‘The Patersponge Collection’ 2020, refill barrel, 152 btl.)

Nose: great, the polished oak and beeswax come right out. Lots of beehive notes, with some grape and honey sweetness behind it. Light tobacco. Hints of vanilla and tarte tatin. Eucalyptus and subtle Mediterranean herbs, as well as something fragrant, maybe Earl Grey. All this mixed with delicate peaty traces and lamp oil. Simply lovely, elegant and very complex.

pretty unique. There’s this herbal peatiness, mixed with pepper, liquorice wood and herbal liqueurs. Tobacco, walnuts. Sandalwood? Little fruit now, although there is a vague echo of honey. Mostly earthy, herbal and just ever so slightly fragrant notes. Fades on citrus zest and mint.

Finish: long, still earthy and zesty, with mint and some oak char like in a well-aged bourbon.

Very high-quality Jura, with a great profile that mixes herbs and old-school earthy notes with subtle peat and little fruits. I find this rather brilliant, on par with many old Islay whiskies. Available from Copper Monument.