Tamdhu 2006 cask #1913 (for DeinWhisky.de)

Tamdhu 2006 cask #1913 (for DeinWhisky.de)

I really loved the previous Tamdhu 2006 cask #2014 which was exclusive to DeinWhisky.de. Now they went into the Tamdhu warehouses again and picked another Oloroso sherry cask #1913 from the same vintage. European oak as well, so theoretically it shouldn’t be far off.


Tamdhu 14 yo 2006 (59,7%, OB for DeinWhisky.de 2020, first-fill Oloroso sherry hogshead #1913, 364 btl.)

Nose: quite a nutty profile, followed by milk chocolate and dark toffee notes. Hints of tea and damp cereals. Nutmeg. Also hints of blackberries and raisins but this seems less fruity and a bit more bulky than the previous selection. The meaty side is bigger here as well (mince pie with gravy).

Mouth: quite aggressive and quite woody. There’s sweet toffee and walnut cake again, as well as some dark chocolate, but it’s mostly the peppery oak that comes out alongside cinnamon and nutmeg. There’s a good dose of burnt Christmas cake, roasted nuts and oak char as well. Water makes it fruitier and brings out more chocolate.

Finish: long, on cocoa, nuts and tobacco leaves.

Bummer. Certainly a good Tamdhu, but it’s less clean and more meaty than the one before, lacking some fruitiness and elegance that made the other one stand out. Available from DeinWhisky.de