Bimber Ex-Bourbon Batch No.1

Bimber Ex-Bourbon Batch No.1

Bimber whisky tends to work well with regular ex-bourbon casks, resulting in a kind of gourmand style. It’s nice to see one of their first large-scale releases is this Bimber Ex-Bourbon Batch #1.

A vatting of carefully selected Ex-Bourbon casks, married together in a hand-made oak vat before being bottled a couple of months ago.


Bimber ‘Ex-Bourbon Oak Casks’ 2016 (51,8%, OB 2020, Batch 01/2020, 1948 btl.)

Nose: like most of the Bimber releases, this is quite rich, rounded and slightly sweet. Oranges and yellow apples, with a little honey or maple syrup. A lot of vanilla beans (with a buttery / white chocolate edge) and shaved coconut. Behind this fruity sweetness there is a (slightly harsh) woodiness of pencil shavings and cinnamon powder that you also find in actual bourbon whiskey. Mint as well.

creamy and sweet, with the same kind of plain woody side, alongside big amounts of barley. Kind of a mix of Scotch and bourbon. Nectarine. Maple syrup again, caramel, hints of toast and white pepper. Plenty of freshly shaved oak really. A hint of nutmeg too.

medium length and drying. Still some vanilla and spice with a bit of oak char in the very end.

Like other Bimber releases, this has a great texture and sweet roundness, making it seem a little older than it actually is. That said, there is a slightly rough woody side to this which I find less convincing. It needs a few more years and slightly less active wood, but I’m sure it can shine in the future. Originally around € 80 but I believe it’s sold out in most places.