Bowmore 2002 (Wu Dram Clan)

Bowmore 2002 (Wu Dram Clan)

The Wu Dram Clan is starting 2021 with a Bowmore 2002. Just plain and simple, from a bourbon barrel. It has been announced on their Facebook page and bottles are now on their way to retailers. I had a sneak preview…


Bowmore 18 yo 2002 (53%, The Whisky Kingdom / Wu Dram Clan 2020, bourbon barrel #Z02/20201, 175 btl.)

Nose: it starts slightly industrial, with metal tools, some polished silverware and coal dust. Cold ashes on a sandy beach. Then bright lime and grapefruit, as well as hints of Kaffir leaf or orange flower. A little hessian and paraffin. Really nice, with high expectations for what’s next because this kind of nose often leads to tropical fruits.

Mouth: exactly. More peaty notes now (still in a very ashy way), with some oak spice and this typical mix of grapefruit and passion fruit acidity (even though I’ve had others that were even more tropical). Very coastal, with a nice oily texture. Evolves on oysters, smoked almond, the salty edge on a tequila and a hint of plasticine. Big minty notes and a hint of eucalyptus too. Excellent.

Finish: long and briny. Still some bright fruits and a wee peppery note.

We love these middle-aged Bowmore expressions, they are so pure, with bright fruits and a lovely industrial edge. Apparently the price will be disclosed as soon as their retailers receive the bottles, but in any case the quality is outstanding. Take a look at their new website for a dealer list.