Bruichladdich Black Art 09.1

Bruichladdich Black Art 09.1

Here is Bruichladdich’s yearly enigma release: Black Art 09.1, a mysterious unpeated whisky distilled in 1992 and matured for 29 years. Less than 1% of all the malt whisky in the warehouses is now ‘pre-renaissance’ Laddie and this is some of the oldest spirit available.

As always the actual cask distribution and wood types are not disclosed, adding to the mystery of these vattings.


Bruichladdich ‘Black Art 09.1’ 29 yo 1992 (44,1%, OB 2021)

Nose: a true sense of proper sherry, with both fruitier notes (blackberries, stewed plums, hints of strawberry candy and cassis) and drier notes like leather and tobacco. Liquorice roots. Praline. Whiffs of mint. Quite thick and jammy, quite clean, this is rather excellent.

Mouth: considerably more winey now, bringing along some tannins. Raspberries and cassis, joined by black pepper but then some greener notes, bitter leaves and mint, Seville oranges, walnuts, cloves and herbal wood juice. New plastic. A balsamic, even a mustardy hint. The oak is very much in the foreground now, leaving a dryness as it goes down.

Finish: long, with more wine elements, stewed forest fruits, green stems and leafy notes.

The wine influence is quite strong here and it displays a full array of wine types. When I first tried it, I found it even a little off-putting. The second day I liked it better though. It’s a complex dram that needs some time and an open spirit. Available from today, in the Bruichladdich shop and from online retailers.