Highland Single Malt 10 Years (Equinox & Solstice)

Highland Single Malt 10 Years (Equinox & Solstice)

Equinox & Solstice is the ongoing series from Decadent Drinks which celebrates summer and winter. This Highlands single malt (distilled in 2010) was the second bottling (Summer 2021) and was nicknamed Candlekitty, referring to the symbol of its distillery as well as the typical hint of candle wax that defines the spirit.


Highland Malt 10 yo 2010 ‘Candlekitty’ (48,5%, Decadent Drinks ‘Equinox & Solstice’ 2021, first-fill bourbon barrels, 973 btl.)

Nose: minerals and waxes, with fresh leafs, gristy notes, dough and greasy notes. New wool. Hints of clay and an earthy / dusty note in the background. Subtle mint. It’s less fruity than some other young Clynelishes but there’s some lemon nonetheless. Slightly green, which seems to amplify the waxiness of the spirit even more.

Mouth: the same green and gristy character, with rapeseed oil, rubbed lemon zest and grapefruits. Then back to paraffin and lamp oil. Light aniseed and grassy notes. Flashes of bright fruits now (lime, maybe green melon) but they’re rapidly swallowed up by the cereals and minerals.

Finish: long, still waxy and chalky, with cereal notes and some coastal hints.

A really good young Clynelish, one where the waxy character dominates and fruits are harder to detect. An ancient Highlands profile in a way, reduced to a very accessible drinking strength here. Good value for money, now sold out.