Glenfarclas 21 Years / Glenfarclas 15 Years (TWE exclusive)

Glenfarclas 21 Years / Glenfarclas 15 Years (TWE exclusive)

The Whisky Exchange regularly has Glenfarclas exclusives, for instance the sophisticated Glenfarclas 25 Years ‘London Edition’ (still available). Now there are two new releases:

  • Glenfarclas 15 Years at 100° Proof
  • Glenfarclas 21 Years at 95° Proof

Both are composed with sherry seasoned casks and come at a higher strength than their commonly available counterparts. They also have a custom label.  


Glenfarclas 21 yo – 95° Proof (54,2%, OB for The Whisky Exchange 2021, Oloroso casks)

Nose: a rich sherry nose, classic but nicely bright and aromatic. We’re getting plenty of raisins, fresh figs but also nice cherries and mixed berry jam. Very subtle vanilla cake. A very faint sourness (orange cordial) which adds to the fruity character. It’s a rather juicy style that I’ve missed a bit in recent Glenfarclas releases. Nice.

Mouth: a nice texture, with plenty of spice now, think nutmeg and clove, alongside toasted brioche and wholegrain bread. Still some raisin sweetness and blackcurrants, with a hint of marmalade and leafy bitterness. Dark chocolate, dried herbs and hints of liquorice towards the end.

Finish: long, now slightly earthy, with more oak spice (ginger) and a fruit cake sweetness underneath.

I really liked the juicy, fruity style on the nose, which then leads to a more spice-driven palate. Quite an all-round whisky, recommended. Only available from The Whisky Exchange.

• • • •

Glenfarclas 15 yo – 100° Proof (57,1%, OB for The Whisky Exchange 2021)

Glenfarclas 15 Years - The Whisky Exchange

Nose: just slightly mustier and nuttier, showing a bit more toffee, some mossy notes, as well as a charred edge. Buttery apple pie. Caramel and cake. Hints of brown bread. It also feels a tad more modern, with more oak shavings and less of the red fruits.

Mouth: slightly more malty and sweet than the 21 Years. Toffee notes again, with ginger cake and increasing spicy notes. Clove, nutmeg, hints of cinnamon bread as well. A touch of gingerbread. A hint of dark brew coffee, including a light bitter edge.

Finish: long, on herbal tea and dark chocolate, fruit cake and wood char.

The 15 Years is a bit more robust and rustic than the 21 Years, focusing on the oak spice and toasted wood rather than the rounder fruitier sherry. The extra ABV underscores the differences. Only available from The Whisky Exchange.
Score: 87/100