Gold Spot 9 Years

Gold Spot 9 Years

When Mitchell & Son began bonding and blending whiskey 135 years ago, they brought their own colourful legacy to the Dublin whiskey scene with the Spot range. Originally this was a nod to their system of marking casks of different ageing potential with a specific coloured marker.

To celebrate the 135th anniversary they are now adding a limited edition Gold Spot, which is a 9 year old Irish whiskey in a unique proportion of bourbon barrels, sherry butts, Bordeaux wine casks and Port pipes. It comes at 102.8 proof for extra richness.


Gold Spot 9 yo ‘135th Anniversary’ (51,4%, Mitchell & Son 2022)

Nose: quite rich indeed, showing sweet apples, stewed peaches, bananas and hints of summer berries. Then some greener notes too. The fruitiness is mixed with pot still spice and toasted wood. Hints of vanilla pastry. Cinnamon and nutmeg, with a light minty touch, pencil shavings and very subtle Port notes in the distance.

Mouth: still a fruity theme at its core (oranges, grapes, a bright hint of mint and roasted pineapple too). Later this gets overtaken by the abundant spicy notes. Clove, ginger, white pepper, with a light herbal bitterness towards the finish. Chamomile? Growing hints of charred wood in the end.

Finish: medium long. The woody side is a tad sharp now, showing plenty of mint tea and eucalyptus. Some wine tannins showing through.

A rich and spicy take on the Spot range, underscored by wine casks and a high strength. Available from retailers in Ireland (check the Spot website), now also from The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt for instance. The US should follow late July.