Gastronomy Selection 37 Years (Whisky Exchange)

Gastronomy Selection 37 Years (Whisky Exchange)

The Whisky Exchange presents a new series called Gastronomy Selection. It consists of spirits designed to be used for cooking, in both home and professional kitchens. The first release is a 37 year old blended malt whisky. Since it revolves around nutty notes and caramel, it wiill pair nicely with almost any cuisine.

TWE co-founder Sukhinder Singh explains: “Since the first time I replaced the white wine in my Bolognese with 1980s malt whisky I’ve never looked back. It’s not traditionally Italian, but it really adds an extra layer of complexity”. The whisky will be a versatile addition to almost any dish.


The Gastronomy Selection – Blended Malt 37 yo (51,3%, The Whisky Exchange 2023, 1021 btl.)

Nose: a classic old style with warm fruity notes and beeswax. Plenty of apricots and peaches, with juicy pears and bright hints of kumquat and bergamot. Maybe cranberry. Hints of floral honey, leading to marshmallow and dried wildflowers. Almonds, subtle buttery notes and a little vegetal oil in the background. A beautiful fruity-waxy side, typical of old whisky.

Mouth: still plenty of fruits. Oranges, yellow plums, green apples and ripe gooseberries. Then there’s a light salty note, as well as a hint of pepper. Moving towards waxy and resinous notes. Walnuts and hazelnuts now, with a very subtle sugary sweetness. Light oak and peppermint shining through. The elegance is impressive, although it gets a little thin in the end.

Finish: medium long, with subtle herbal tea and polished, resinous notes.

Yes, I definitely see myself sipping this mature and elegant whisky while cooking. And a second dram after dinner. That said, no way I’d spill a drop in my dishes. Totally inappropriate advice from TWE, perfect as the yearly April Fool’s release.

Good whisky with a profile that requires deep pockets nowadays. As per usual, they offer this at a very competitive price. Now available from The Whisky Exchange, but these limited edition usually go fast.