Glenrothes 1986 (Wu Dram Clan)

Glenrothes 1986 (Wu Dram Clan)

Last year The Whisky Jury released a Glenrothes 1986 and now sister casks pop up from different bottlers like North Star Spirits and Samaroli as well as the Wu Dram Clan.

Thirty-six year old single malt, from a bourbon hogshead. Other bottlings are sometimes said to be sherry hogsheads but they seem to be refill casks anyway.


Glenrothes 36 yo 1986 (45,6%, Wu Dram Clan 2022, bourbon hogshead #2125, 72 btl.)

Nose: waxy notes with ripe orchard fruits. Apricots, yellow berries, oranges. Later warmer notes of banana, stewed pears and honey. Custard cream and hints of marzipan. Then some green notes (fresh ferns) as well as a light salty / resinous touch. Distant whiffs of potpourri. A very mature, fruity Speyside style.

Mouth: more of the same, which is perfect. Oily and waxy notes, mixed with ripe fruits. Apricots and bananas (including their skins), with pears and and light tropical note. Bergamot tea. From memory this appears to be a tad more assertive than the TWJ bottling, with a hint of peppery oak, hay and a drying hint of vanilla pod.

Finish: medium long, slightly leafy, with green fruits and citrus peel.

Quite similar to what we had before. An elegant profile, with a lovely waxiness and the expected mellow fruity notes. Lovely whisky. This was very limited, so all bottles are gone.