Highland Park 15 Years Viking Heart (2021)

Highland Park 15 Years Viking Heart (2021)

This Highland Park 15 Year Old hit the market in 2021 as Viking Heart. It uses sherry seasoned casks predominantly, including European and American oak casks.

This expression comes in off-white decanters, which gives it a special appearance. The decanters were made by Wade Ceramics, and inspired by the earthenware vessels that whisky would have been stored in centuries ago.


Highland Park 15 yo ‘Viking Heart’ (44%, OB 2021)

Nose: heathery notes, coastal hints of seawater and wet stones, as well as some leather. Behind this there are apples and lemons, with orange oils. Then some cinnamon and vegetal hints of smoke and burnt oak. It’s quite natural and somehow closer to some independent bottlings than to other officials.

Mouth: again quite mild, in a good way. There’s a bit more smoke now, alongside orange marmalade, roasted pineapple and heather honey. Some vanilla in the background. Then some treacle and hints of tobacco leaves. There’s also a sour note running through.

Finish: medium, but showing some really nice flavours. Cocoa and a few drops of espresso. Also sweet herbal notes and smoke.

Overall this Highland Park is light on the peat but otherwise really harmonious. There’s spice, sweetness and mild sherry and nothing takes the upper hand. A slightly higher ABV could have lifted this further in my opinion, but it’s already a success as it is. I found a sample at Whiskysite.nl. For full bottles, head over to The Whisky Exchange for instance.