TDL 2003 rum (The Whisky Jury)

TDL 2003 rum (The Whisky Jury)

TDL hasn’t been in the spotlight often on this blog. It stands for Trinidad Distillers Ltd. and it’s actually the company behind the Angostura rum brand. Some independent bottlers have brought it to our attention, but it was definitely The Whisky Jury that opened our eyes.

After the previous TDL 2003, there is now a very similar bottling, now at 20 years of age.


TDL 20 yo 2003 (62,3%, The Whisky Jury 2023, cask #13, 257 btl.)

Nose: immediately very tropical. Think mango sherbet, passion fruit bavarois and hints of fresh pineapple. Not the half-fermenting type, just a really bright fruit salad. We forgot to mention guava juice. Then after a while spearmint sets in, with hints of warming vanilla and light leafy notes.

Mouth: a truckload of fruits again, although a little less exhuberant than the nose suggested. Still very nice, on mango, guava, papaya. Now lacking some of the sherbety hints. I’m getting a little bergamot and lime peel too. Light hints of saffron, plenty of crushed mint leaves and wood spice as well. Later also aniseed and liquorice. Takes water well, by the way.

Finish: long, minty and fruity, alongside mild woody notes and just a very light industrial / diesel-like note.

Even better than the previous TDL which was already quite excellent. Lots of tropical fruits with refreshing mint and balanced wood. Top class. I’m guessing this will be really hard to find at this point, check the Whisky Jury website for retailers.