Vallein Tercinier Lot 55 (Malternative Belgium)

Vallein Tercinier Lot 55 (Malternative Belgium)

Today Malternative Belgium releases its latest bottling. It comes from Vallein Tercinier, the house that sparked the interest in artisan cognac for many whisky lovers (including me). It is a selection of four damme jeannes from the Lot 55 stocks.

This is VT’s own production, so not a spirit they acquired as a négociant. Grapes were sourced from the vineyards surrounding the domain, accross the road from the Chermignac cemetary. While technically in the Bons Bois area, the soil in these vineyards is very calcareous and far less sandy than others in this zone. In fact closer to the Petite Champagne terroir. After around 30 releases, this is the first time Pieter was convinced to bottle Bons Bois.

This cognac matured for 55 years in Limousin oak in a humid cellar, before being transferred to four demi-johns in 2010.


Cognac Vallein Tercinier Lot 55 – Bons Bois (41,5%, Malternative Belgium 2024, 165 btl.)

Nose: beautiful fruits as we’d expect them from this house. A lot of apricot jam, tinned peaches and juicy nectarines with hints of oranges and mango. Later also tangerines. In the background there’s a fine minerality, subtle floral notes and rancio. Spanish turrón, hints of roasted nuts or light mocha if you dive deep.

Mouth: starts on these mineral notes, slightly dry and grapefruity, but it bursts open to richer fruits almost immediately. More apricots, peaches and tangerines. Then lots of minty notes, with some herbal tea, leading up to spices like nutmeg and ginger. Subtle chestnuts and pinesap, as well as some roasted walnuts.

Finish: quite long, with lots of nutty notes, lingering fruit, light resin and drops of clove oil.

The arôme exquis is indeed the strongest quality of this lovely cognac. A great advocate for this terroir, and another fine pick from Vallein Tercinier stocks. Available now, head over to Malternative Belgium and partners.