Nikka Yoichi 10 Year Old (2023)

Nikka Yoichi 10 Year Old (2023)

In 2022 Nikka Yoichi 10 Years was re-released after being discontinued since 2015. Good to see this whisky return, although still in very limited amounts (only 9000 bottles per year, after such a long absence). In comparison, you may want to read my reviews of the 10 Year Old from 2008 or the temporary NAS replacement from 2016.

Yoichi is an old school distillery, using their own proprietary yeast strain (at least in part), with wooden washbacks, direct fired stills and worm tubs. We’re confident the muscular character hasn’t changed. On the other hand, the new release is chill-filtered while its predecessor wasn’t.


Nikka Yoichi 10 yo (45%, OB +/- 2023, 9000 btl.)

Nose: a vague banana and yellow apple sweetness and hints of butter cookies. Also white bread and dried grassy notes. Light vanilla with yuzu and wet chalky notes. Something blossomy too. Just a hint of sandalwood and soft, sooty smoke in the background.

Mouth: slightly more smoky now, with a mustiness of old books and leather. More chalk and earthiness. Then sweet citrus comes out (more yuzu) with hints of pineapple and unripe banana. Malty sweetness and a buttery, custardy texture again. Some hints of sandalwood, which make it rather oriental in my opinion.

Finish: medium, with nicely fresh citrus notes, light pepper and some honeyed fruits underneath.

After settling on a score, I noticed it is the same as the old version from 2008. Yet I’m not sure the quality and overall appeal is exactly the same. I couldn’t do a direct comparison but I can’t stop thinking Yoichi simply stands out more from the crowded (but standardized) whisky spectrum of 2024 than it did fifteen years ago? In any case, this is slightly restrained but really good whisky. Of course you’re now paying € 140-200 depending on the market, which makes it far less appealing… Available from LMdW or HTFW for instance.