Glenlitigious 12 Years / Inchmurrin 15 Years (Whisky Sponge)

Glenlitigious 12 Years / Inchmurrin 15 Years (Whisky Sponge)

We’re having two ‘modest’ Decadent Drinks releases that came out recently. The first is named Glenlitigious, which refers to a family-owned Speyside distillery known to actively challenge even the slightest hint about their identity.

The other whisky comes from Loch Lomond. This is the (fruity) Inchmurrin type of distillate, aged for 15 years.


Glenlitigious 12 yo 2012 (53%, Whisky Sponge 2024, first fill barrel + sherry hogshead, 215 btl.)

Nose: totally vibrant. It starts on juicy nectarines and oranges, with darker blackberries and raisins. Then some floral touches (rose petals) make it very aromatic. Whiffs of fresh oak shavings, cedary notes, ginger and subtle vanilla. Even a bit of coconut. The American oak left a nice footprint here, with sherry in a supporting role, highlighting the fruits.

Mouth: same feeling of vibrancy. There are raspberries and cherries, as well as some forest fruit jam and orange peels. Some tangerine and crystallized pineapple. Then honeycomb, white pepper and gingery notes, along with cinnamon and mild toffee. Quite summery in a way, with active oak hinting towards fruit tea in the end.

Finish: quite long, with sherry spice, raisin sweetness and hints of oak polish.

Rather excellent young whisky with a cognac-like vibrancy at times. A clever combination of active American oak and mild sherry. I’m often a bit disappointed by the modern output of this distillery – if only they could turn this into a core range expression! Still available from Decadent Drinks.



Inchmurrin 15 yo 2009 (53%, Whisky Sponge 2024, refill hogshead, 252 btl.)

Inchmurrin 15 Years (Whisky Sponge)

Nose: starts a bit cabbagey and sulphuric, like rapeseed oil. A fairly common, bulky profile coming from Loch Lomond, in my opinion. After a while it clears up and becomes tropically fruity. Lots of pineapples and guavas, ripe yellow apples and a hint of honey. Subtle gingerbread in the background.

Mouth: an oily texture, with a light yeasty side. Plenty of tropical fruits in overdrive again: pineapple, mango, guava, sweet grapefruit… Some candied ginger and mild peppery notes. Subtle latte notes and bread crust make it quite weighty again.

Finish: medium to long, mixing cereal notes and fruity echoes. Growing wood in the end.

I love tropical fruits in whisky, but here the bulky oily notes are bothering me on the nose. On the palate the fruits have much more room to express themselves. Sold out, I believe. Score: 86/100