Bimber The Channel / Germany Edition 2023

Bimber The Channel / Germany Edition 2023

We head over to London (or is it Poland?) for three Bimber whiskies. In fact I believe they are all exclusive to Kirsch Import in Germany. We start with a 2017 Madeira finish which was bottled to support The Sea Shepherd.

The other two are a pair of whiskies released as the Germany Edition 2023. Important distributors can sometimes select single casks from the inventory and I think this is the second time that Kirsch does this for the German market. Both are Pedro Ximénez casks, one unpeated, the other peated.

While technically single casks, there is no vintage or age statement on these PX version, which is quite strange. However their first peated spirit was distilled in May 2019 so it can’t be older than four years.


Bimber ‘The Channel’ 4 yo 2017 (57,8%, OB for Sea Shepherd 2021, Madeira finish #109/4, 292 btl.)

Nose: really nice, with a generous dose of dry Madeira character. Pineapples, peaches and sour (cran)berries shine through, with raisins and a nice mustiness. Old furniture. Then fruit cake, lemons and some bourbonny spice.

Mouth: still this fruity acidity. Plenty of citrus notes, hints of redcurrants and sour cherries, mixed with dried fruits, a light herbal astringency and plenty of tobacco notes. Lots of toasted oak, a light leafy bitterness and dark chocolate. Cumin and pepper. Makes us think of rum at some point, old Enmore perhaps.

Finish: long but quite extractive. Rather wood-driven with herbal tea against a backdrop of dried fruits.

I really like hints of sour fruits in any kind of drink including whisky. However on the palate the Madeira and plain oaky notes become really loud. Overall a bit too fiery. Great cause though.



Bimber ‘Germany Edition 2023’ (59,2%, OB 2023, Pedro Ximénez cask #456, 280 btl.)

Bimber Germany Edition 2023 - PX cask Nose: plenty of dates and fig syrup, alongside thick raisins. Cinnamon, blackberry jam, caramelized hazelnut. Hob nobs and chocolate with raspberry ganache. Then some varnished notes, pine needles and almost floral touches as well, probably from the newish, toasted oak, as well as some alcohol.

Mouth: sweet and thick, with more of these dark fruity notes, like sultanas, fresh figs and plenty of blackberry jam. Nice raspberry notes, as well as orange peels. Quite hot, with hints of chilli, espresso and minty herbs, but rich and certainly not immature. Hints of moist wood. Chocolate grows stronger over time.

Finish: really long, with drying toasty notes and leather, slightly bitter herbal tea and chocolate.

A successful marriage of young spirit with a very active PX cask. The sharpness and plain oaky character is well under control here. Still available and discounted over at Score: 86/100



Bimber ‘Germany Edition 2023 – peated’ (59,4%, OB 2023, Pedro Ximénez cask #458, 283 btl.)

Bimber Germany Edition 2023 - peated PX Nose: the PX influence is more subdued here, although this seems simply because the peat is taking its place. Beautifully sooty, with a smouldering barbecue note, burnt apple cake, light hints of wet earth and caramelized nuts. Raisins and red berries. Then some worn leather and brown sugar.

Mouth: sweet, with sugared coffee, bonfire smoke, burnt rosemary and chocolate notes. Also orange peels, sour cherries, cranberries and hints of fresh plums. Nicely sooty again. Towards the end there’s also hazelnut ganache, a hint of ginger and hints of cinnamon rolls.

Finish: long, still showing a nice balance between dried fruits and chocolate-y smoke.

This is a very well balanced Bimber. I don’t think we’ve had a peat/PX combination from them before, but it’s definitely worth repeating. Still available from stores like Score: 88/100