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23 Dec 2009

Banff 1982 21yo (Rare Malts)

Posted by: Ruben Luyten In: Banff

This Banff 21y is the only official expression, as far as I know, before the distillery was demolished in 1983.


Banff 1982 21y - Rare Malts

Banff 21y 1982 (51,7%, RM 2004)

Nose: clean and nutty, with notes of citrus and new oak. Something of dry straw as well. Overall quite acid and a bit metallic, but this is better when it warms up. Mouth: agressive attack, quite alcoholic and sharp. Starts on oranges and malt. Vanilla notes. Develops some really interesting notes of cape gooseberries (physalis fruit), too bad they fade quickly. Finish on marmelade, becoming more bitter, with some walnuts in the end. Light smoke in the background. Too bitter in the end, starts to taste like aspirin…

Well, it’s not a bad whisky, but it isn’t the most balanced either. It shows more or less the same flaws as the previously reviewed Banff 25y 1980 by Duncan Taylor. We’re convinced this distillery made much better stuff. For example, the absolutely stunning Banff 36y 1971 which was released by Douglas Laing in 2007.

Score: 85/100.

Banff 1982 21yo (Rare Malts) 3.5 Ruben Luyten 2009-12-23
  • Kurt

    Merci, zit hier al 2 jaar op te broeden omdat ik nooit echt overtuigd was van deze fles hoewel ik alleen goeds gehoord heb over Banff. En om dan een Rare Malt versie ervan niet echt top te vinden…

    Had er ook nog weinig reviews van gevonden, dus deze komt echt van pas, zeker voor een redelijke nieuweling als ik die nog volop smaken aan het ontdekken is.

    Ondertussen is de fles wel bijna leeg. :-)

  • Ruben

    Hoewel de meeste Rare Malts zeer goed zijn, zitten er zeker ook een paar mindere geslaagde releases bij.

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  • MARS

    Thanks for the sample ruben.
    This whisky is incredible, really incredible. I love it.

    I found the physalis also (a lot of physalis I must say)and it’s not common. Got some coconut and paper.
    Make me think at the tullibardine aged oak (that I love too).

    I must be the only one to love this style.
    93pts minimum for me (really a minimum, if it was more complex I would give 95/96)



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