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24 Mar 2011

Glenugie 1977 Deoch an Doras

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Glenugie

Although Glenugie (also known as Invernettie) is not a popular brand,
I seemed to like every expression I was able to try. Twenty years had gone by since the last official bottling, but a couple of months ago this new Glenugie 1977 Deoch an Doras was released.

‘Deaoch an Doras’ translates as ‘Dram at the door’ because the distillery was closed in 1983 and its spirit is on the verge of going away forever. It was matured for 32 years and is obviously from a sherry cask (maybe two).

Please note that it states 55,48% of alcohol. Did Chivas invest in a new Alcometer® UltraFine™ Professional?


Glenugie 1977 Deoch an DorasGlenugie 32 yo 1977 ‘Deoch an Doras’ (55,48%, OB 2010, 500 btl.)

Nose: rich and fragrant with beautifully elegant sherry. It shows classic notes (raisins, chocolate) but they’re overtaken by fresh and bursting fruits: raspberry and other red fruits, oranges, gooseberries, guava… A little eucalyptus. All spiced up by precious wood, llibrary aromas and a floral element (whiffs of old roses and peonies).  Remarkable for a 32yo. Rich and what a balance! Mouth: intense with different layers. There’s plenty of wood, but enough fruit to compensate (lots of orange cake, some apricot, raspberries again, prunes). Cinnamon, a little nutmeg. Almonds. Hints of cough syrup, but never crossing the line of becoming too oaky. Finish: fading very slowly on big chocolate notes and liquorice. Hints of tea.


In terms of luscious fruitiness, this Glenugie reminds us of the famous Longmorn 1972 by Whisky Agency or some of the best GlenDronach. A great nose with pretty well-controlled oak on the palate. Very expensive (€ 300) but part of a disappearing whisky tradition. Only available from the official Chivas shop (UK residents only) or TWE.

Score: 92/100

Glenugie 1977 Deoch an Doras Ruben Luyten 2011-03-24
  • alouis

    thank you for your notes.
    Are you ok for a sample swap at limburg?

  • Bob

    Great notes!

    Indeed the Deoch is another OB.
    Another one, a 5 year old, was bottled in a 75 cl bottle, so probably before ~1991/1992.

    Have you tried the 1977-2011 57.2% of Signatory already?

  • Ruben

    Thanks Bob.
    I haven’t tried it, but I reckon it’s similar to the 1977/2009 so probably less spectacular than this official bottling. Have you tried it?

  • Bob

    No not yet, but the bottle is in a house though :o)
    The 2011 release seems to be a bit more influenced by the sherry cask.
    I personally did not fancy the 2009 release too much. There is a very weak Glenugie character recognisable underneath the sherry finish. Probably they wanted to give it a bit more body by finishing it in a sherry cask, but the whole is not in balance.



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