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29 Aug 2011

Port Ellen 1983 (Duncan Taylor cask #674)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Port Ellen

Duncan TaylorI already highlighted this Port Ellen at the Wild West Whisky Fest last year. Now I had the chance to taste it in depth.



Port Ellen 1982 Duncan Taylor 674Port Ellen 26 yo 1983 (54,6%, Duncan Taylor Rarest of the Rare 2010, cask #674, 282 btl.)

Nose: hey! Even better than I remembered it. Relatively soft sooty and smokey notes with hints of cured meat. A bunch of sweet notes as well: chocolate ganache, praline and Black Forest gateau! Fruity cherry / mixed red fruits jam. Hints of tobacco with a very delicate medicinal touch. Warm precious wood like rosewood and sandalwood. Few of the sharp / austere notes that you find in other Port Ellen. When compared to Port Ellen PE1 for example, it becomes clear how extremely luscious this is. Just excellent. Mouth: sweet peat and ashes mixed with rounder notes again (cocoa, sweet almonds, berries, figs). A hint of peppermint. Slowly drying towards tobacco. Finish: very long, drier and a little peppery.

An extraordinary Port Ellen with an almost perfect sherried style. If you liked PE1, then you’ll love this. Around € 190. I’ve spent some time trying to find it, but it seems to be sold out.

Score: 93/100

Port Ellen 1983 (Duncan Taylor cask #674) 5 Ruben Luyten 2011-08-29
  • Claus, AWL

    We had this on our BP2 tasting on Thursday the 18th August. This is a truly beautiful PE.

    Here’s my notes on it:

    Port Ellen 1983 26yo cask#674: Been looking forward to this one… I’m the color alone one on this one. It’s dark sherry, although not as dark as the Adelphi Bunna we had earlier. My hopes and wishes went to it having the right balance judging by the color – but again you can’t judge by the color alone – I know that all too well from previous experiences. On the nose it hits you with a complete integration of sherry and peat – wow! This works perfectly!

    Just the right amounts of each brings this PE right up there, besides the peat, I get a little heavily roasted, slightly burnt coffee and at some point even a hint of old dark rum/spices! This is nice – let’s hope the palate can keep up! Bitter sweet arrival with sherry, oak and peat – not an single off-note here. Sherry’s beautifully measured to just the right levels in this one. Peat, brine, smoky malt, mouthfilling and satisfying for sure – and again this dark rum feeling/spices pops up once or twice. Finish is a little drying but the

    sweet sherry and the smoke lingers on – this is the perfect peathead-pudding, I tell you!

    Some of the best Port Ellen I’ve had, along with the one from Mackillop’s Choice! This one rocks! My score: 91/100


    Chairman, Aalborg Whisky Club

  • Claus, AWL

    Oh, by the way, a danish shop still has this one on… for 382€ !!

  • Ruben

    Thanks for your notes Claus. The Danish price is quite hefty unfortunately.

  • Claus, AWL

    Think the initial price in the UK was around 140£ which makes the danish price above x2½…

    But this is mainly due to the danish importer of DTC – everything from DTC atleast doubles and sometimes close to triples before it hits the shelves in Denmark.

    I’d wish DTC would reconsider their agreement with this importer, since they probably dont get more money out of the prices being so high.

    The importer should lower the price and maybe sell some

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  • AJL

    Ruben, Duncan Taylor also bottled sister cask 672. Have you tried that? I can’t seem to find any notes on it anywhere and I’m not sure if I want to spend the €325 asking price on that.

  • WhiskyNotes

    Haven’t tried it, sorry.



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