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04 Jan 2012

Tomatin 1976 (Whisky Agency)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Tomatin

I don’t need to introduce Tomatin 1976, it’s the top vintage for this distillery and something many enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for. There’s a new one in the Moody Lions series by The Whisky Agency.


Tomatin 1976 Moody LionsTomatin 35 yo 1976 (51,4%, The Whisky Agency ‘Moody Lions’ 2011, refill sherry, 313 btl.)

Nose: close to the sister version by Liquid Sun as it starts on faint herbal / nutty notes and oak polish before bringing out the typical fruity notes like apricots, mango, berries, melons… Stewed fruits with honey and mint. Mouth: thick and beautifully sherried with plenty of fruits. Mango, peaches, berries, pink grapefruit… in a jammy / liqueur-like way. Getting more herbal and oaky towards the end with a lovely tropical aftertaste. Finish: long, still quite fruity but more oaky and spicy now with a gentle bitterness in the very end.

Another tasty Tomatin 1976, though maybe not my favourite expression (not as wide, slightly less fruits, slightly more oak). The price went up 20% compared to the Liquid Sun version: around € 180.

Score: 89/100

Tomatin 1976 (Whisky Agency) 4 Ruben Luyten 2012-01-04
  • SauronTNT


    is it the one that you have tasted at “Spirit in the Sky” two month ago ? The one that you say it was the best tomatin 76 of TWA ?

  • Ruben

    Yes it’s the one we tried at Spirits in the Sky:
    Small correction though, I wrote “some said the best Tomatin 1976 so far”. Not my personal opinion. It’s good but I think quite a few other versions had a better nose.

  • SauronTNT

    Oh correct. I do a small mystake, it was not your opinion. Sorry.

    Thanks for your reply

  • bakerman

    Fully agree with your notes and think its good but not excellent Tomatin. I liked the grotesque crocs version much more.
    However, unmistakably a 1976 Tomatin which certainly belongs to the most easiest to identify whiskies in a blind tasting.

  • Marc Castermans

    I was one of the “some” 😉 and I would love to try this next to the grotesque croqs but at Spirits it was like a fruit bomb exploded in my mouth.

  • Teun

    You’re welcome to come over for a visit to the SM-cellar and try Marc. I’ve still got the crocs, the lions and two liquid sun. And a perfect dram and the Daily Dram as well. Interesting line up perhaps 😉

  • Johan

    Teun, just out of curiosity, what’s your favorite Tomatin 1976 out of these?

  • Teun

    haven’t tried them yet in one line-up. I do feel they are all very similair. Should compare them soon. Is more fun with a few friends though

  • pavv

    see you saturday Teun? It seems that you already got the fruit juice from the store 😉

  • Johan

    Teun, true indeed.

  • Nayrobi

    i am absoluteltly your opinion ruben – i did like other ones from 1976 better. especially the TWA Grotesque Crocs and Perfect dram stood out for me .. this one (Lion) is also good but in every way a bit restrained.

  • Ruben

    I’m glad we all seem to agree. For me the Grotesque Crocs and Daily Dram versions stood out, although a direct comparison would be welcome. Thanks everyone for your valuable opinions!

  • Doppelpass

    Would be nice to compare with Tomatin 1976 DT Refill dark Sherry Cask #6822, bottled in 02/2011, which I liked a lot and was a lot cheaper than the TWA/DD versions.

  • MARS

    Tryed this one in a improvised face to face with a few other tomatin 1976 at whiskylive Spa this year. Tasting it alone it seemed not as good as the other. But the face to face proved I was wrong and for me it is clearly the best tomatin 1976 out there. Sadly, I don’t have any bottle!



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