Dailuaine 1983 (Asta Morris)

So far I haven’t covered the recent wave of Dailuaine 1983. Here’s one of the early releases, bottled Autumn 2011 by Asta Morris.


Dailuaine 1983 Asta MorrisDailuaine 27 yo 1983 (50%, Asta Morris 2011, refill sherry hogshead AM004, 248 btl.)

Nose: starts rather delicately on hay, chalk and heather. Slightly musty. Then quite some waxy notes, plenty of grassy and floral notes. Hints of buttercups. Bread crust as well. Some fresh citrus and ginger.

Mouth: waxy and spicy. Thyme. A certain sweetness too, although it’s not exactly a fruity sweetness. Honeyed ginger tea? Hints of bitter oak and grapefruit. There’s a kind of raw spirity edge to it as well.

Finish: rather long, bittersweet with some herbs, lemon zest and grass.

This sample has been on my desk for three or four months now, and I couldn’t get to grips with it. Sometimes I like it, but most of the times it sets me off for the most part. Some of the aromas are difficult to pin down, so even though I’m not the biggest fan I still appreciate its unique signature. Around € 90, only a few bottles left.

Score: 83/100