Bruichladdich 1966 ‘Riserva Veronelli’

Luigi VeronelliThis Bruichladdich 1966 is an original bottling from the early 1980’s, selected by the Italian distributor Moon Import. The name Riserva Veronelli refers to Luigi Veronelli, a highly influential gastronomic writer (mostly for wines but also distilled spirits) and one of the Italian pioneers when it comes to single malt whisky.

A few years later there was also a Bruichladdich 1965 ‘Riserva Veronelli’ imported by Rinaldi. That one is easier to come by but it’s said to be less interesting.



Bruichladdich 1966 - Moon Import - Riserva VeronelliBruichladdich 1966 (53,5%, OB ‘Riserva Veronelli’ 1983, Moon Import, sherry wood, 2400 btl.)

Nose: old-style sherry although with a big malty core. Lots of tobacco leaves,  cinnamon sugar and nutty notes. A rather earthy style, with hints of smoke. Hazelnut cookies. Juicy fruits as well: baked apples, ripe melon and some lemon curd.

Mouth: sweet pears, sultanas and more sherry. Walnuts, and cloves. Roasted nuts. Coastal notes and a salty tang. Lots of liquorice too, and a touch of eucalyptus.

Finish: long, peppery and salty.

A highly enjoyable Bruichladdich, a style of sherried whisky that has disappeared. Around € 600 if you can find it.

Score: 90/100