anCnoc Blas

anCnoc Blas - Patrick Grant print

anCnoc Blas is a new limited edition from Knockdhu distillery. It is a mix of American oak barrels and Spanish oak butts, bottled at high strength. Although there’s no age statement, we’ve heard the components are between 8 and 12 years old.

Blas means ‘taste’ in Gaelic, and it’s a bit of a fashionista whisky: the label and packaging were designed by fashion designer Patrick Grant, who also made an accompanying pocket square with a similar bespoke print. Is it me or is this a strange association for the traditional whisky audience – given the high strength I don’t think this was meant to be a feminine dram?



anCnoc BlasanCnoc Blas (54%, OB 2016)

Nose: starts on buttercups, peanut butter and lots of grainy / mashy notes. Hints of vanilla cream and overripe apple. Dandelions too. A bit of musty sherry and chocolate underneath – too light to really stand out, but strong enough to break the brightness of the American oak.

Mouth: sweet and rather creamy, with lemon pie, hints of white chocolate and pepper. A bit of herbal honey and caramel. Always this nuttiness in the background as well.

Finish: medium long, bittersweet, with dry cocoa powder and light liquorice. A slightly funny hoppy note in the very end.

Not bad, a full-bodied and higher strength variation. Personally I think it falls between stools, I prefer either the freshness of American oak or a bigger sherry influence altogether. Around € 75.

Score: 82/100