Benrinnes 1991 (Single Malts of Scotland)

Benrinnes, one of the workhorse distilleries of Diageo, which produce the malts for a series of blended whiskies.

In 1974, Benrinnes started to use a system of partial triple distillation, where the feints and low wines of the second distillation are distilled again in a separate spirit still (not unlike the Springbank method). This still arrangement was changed around 2006-2007. Add to this the use of worm tubs (typically generating a more meaty, sulphury spirit) and you get a rather unique profile.



Benrinnes 1991 - Single Malts of ScotlandBenrinnes 24 yo 1991 (52,6%, Single Malts of Scotland 2016, hogshead #090508, 287 btl.)

Nose: a slightly heavyweight dram, half fruity, half malty. You get the typical apples, lemons and peaches, but in a drier way, alongside waxy notes and hints of chalk or wet cardboard. Wet grass and flints. A background note of tequila.

Mouth: natural, with a restrained fruitiness again. Apples mostly. Some honey. Gets rather grassier, more zesty and peppery as well. Wet oak. Mineral notes. Some vegetal hints, wet leafs and greasy notes as well. Quite ‘green’ and all these grasses and lemons hint towards the Lowlands (triple distillation, you say?). Light chocolate notes towards the end.

Finish: long, lemony, with some matcha tea and a slight oaky dryness.

This one goes in different directions. There are Clynelish-like notes, but also damp, coastal notes and a bright lemony freshness. Interesting, definitely and a good example of this profile. Around € 120.

Score: 86/100