Glen Mhor 1975 (Mo Òr)

I’ve said it before, but the Mo Òr Collection didn’t really get the attention it deserved. Of course the pricing strategy was one of heavy premiumisation. They came too early perhaps (2009-2010) especially since we didn’t realize back then that all these great 1960s-1970s whiskies would dry up entirely three to four years later.

With hindsight it was a great series and I wonder where all these bottles have gone – they weren’t selling well and they didn’t show up in auctions either. All part of this World Whisky Index now?

Anyway, let’s keep the memory alive with this Glen Mhor 1975. This cask was probably sourced from Duncan Taylor, who bottled several sister casks in the #403x-404x range.



Glen Mhor 1975 - Mo OrGlen Mhor 34 yo 1975
(43,3%, Mo Òr 2010, bourbon hogshead #4036, 170 btl.)

Nose: a quirky but lovable nose that reminds me of Banff, with notes of cement, motor oil, shoe polish and damp canvas, but with a surprisingly fresh, almost ethereal fruitiness at its side. Sweet lemons. Walnuts and hay. Pu-Erh. Pencil shavings. An old Highlands style.

Mouth: same idea. Fruits but also horseradish. A little custard but also chalk and wet cardboard. Walnuts again, bitter apple, green tea, leafy notes and heavy ginseng. Gentian. Superbly earthy, waxy and herbal. An acquired taste, you simply cannot understand this when you’ve only tried modern whisky.

Finish: long, no more fruits, only herbs and chalky notes.

Great stuff, austere and rather bitter but with such a presence! Advanced whisky. Originally around € 190 (50 cl.).

Score: 90/100