Speyside blended malt (Sansibar for Whiskyklubben Slainte)

A couple of months ago Sansibar bottled a ‘very old’ blended Speyside malt for the Swedish Whiskyklubben Slainte. Even if that name doesn’t ring a bell, then perhaps the names of the driving forces Magnus Fagerström and Hasse Peters will.

It’s a semi-private bottling – some bottles found their way to certain whisky stores.



Speyside region - Sansibar for Whiskyklubben SlainteSpeyside blended malt ‘very old’ (45,3%, Sansibar for Whiskyklubben Slainte 2015, sherry butt, 554 btl.)

Nose: a little less elegant than all these wonderful 1970s undisclosed Speysiders. Also less sherried than some of the XO bottlings (see this or this). Some yellow fruits, berries, including a kiwi sourness. A subtle tobacco / leathery dryness too. Waxy and grassy notes. It does feel rather old.

Mouth: the same tobacco feel again, with some grapefruit and then really nice, sweeter fruits. Maybe oranges. Then back to waxed papers and old grease. Light earthy, leafy touches. Dusty hints of old wood, including light ashes. Mint and dry herbs. A peculiar profile, reminds me of some really old underproof samples I tried once, perhaps revived with some younger malt?

Finish: medium long, rather dry and earthy.

A special profile, with Speyside elements but also Highlands touches. Dry, waxy, earthy and nicely oaked. This could be quite old indeed. Very interesting and well priced: around € 110.

Score: 89/100