Invergordon 1972 (Maltbarn)

More grain whisky from the excellent batch of Invergordon 1972 casks that recently hit the market. This has just been bottled by Maltbarn.



Invergordon 1972 - MaltbarnInvergordon 44yo 1972 (49,0%, Maltbarn 2016, bourbon cask, 121 btl.)

Nose: perfectly smooth, which is not always the case with grains. Lovely bourbon-like oak and corn syrup, including a bit of modelling glue. Lots of coconut cream and vanilla. Honey and creamy marzipan. Lemon sponge. Dried apricots and touches of tropical fruits.

Mouth: warm, rummy flavours and a lovely texture. Vanilla and leather. Mango and a mixed fruit stew. Ripe banana and pear. Coconut again. Just a hint of bitterness towards the end, gingery with some dark chocolate. Maybe not oak, more like a wheat spice influence.

Finish: drier now, slightly peppery, but still sweet.

Another rounded, rather gluttonous grain whisky with hints of old bourbon whiskey and rums. Slightly bigger / spicier / more complex than comparable bottlings, I think. Around € 210.

Score: 89/100