Springbank 1993 (Sansibar)

We ended last week with a couple of festival-related bottlings, and we’ll have a few more if you don’t mind, now focusing on the upcoming Limburg Whisky Fair 2016. We’ll have a look at a couple of new releases from German bottlers which will be presented there.

The first is this Springbank 1993 with the classic Sansibar label.



Springbank 1993 - SansibarSpringbank 22 yo 1993 (51,8%, Sansibar 2015, 150 btl.)

Nose: very direct. It hits you in the face with the uniquely mineral, very chalky Springbank character. Clay and wet wool. Cement. Some metallic notes as well. It isn’t too austere though, there’s a slightly perfumy, lemony side and waxy notes that bring a certain feminine roundness. Lots of heather. Hints of mezcal. Bandages.

Mouth: again very forthcoming. Oranges, yellow grapefruits, ginger tonic and truckloads of zesty lemons. Some salty liquorice. Bitter herbs and chalk. A light vanilla / lemon candy touch to break the angular side.

Finish: long, with bitter oranges, pepper, salt and light ashy notes.

Uniquely raw, naked, mind-boggling, old-style Springbank. Around € 290, up to € 400 in Italy where they seem to adore this one (and still have stock). It’s very specific, very good but also expensive if you consider some equally impressive 1996’s.

Score: 90/100