Glentauchers 1996 (Archives)

Another recent Archives release: Glentauchers 1996, exactly what you need in summertime. Well, in theory, it’s rather cloudy over here…



Glentauchers 1996 - ArchivesGlentauchers 20 yo 1996 (53,9%, Archives 2017, barrel #7324, 211 btl.)

Nose: very bright and summery. Tinned pineapple, Haribo sweets, white grapes, cherry candy. Grapefruit green tea. Some expected vanilla and gentle spices like ginger and aniseed. Whiffs of wood varnish too. Becomes more floral with water.

Mouth: sweet start, fruity, with orange sweets, apples,  lemon cubes, hints of banana cake. Gets slightly more tangy after a while, with added ginger and pepper, as well as some grapefruit zest. A fairly light profile. Water makes it creamier and again adds some floral notes.

Finish: medium, bright and fruity, with peaches and zesty lemons.

An easy-going fruity nose, but with a spicy kick on the palate. No surprises here, totally on par with earlier casks from other bottlers. Around € 90.

Score: 87/100